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Merchandise of KOBAS Model Engineering Workshop is mostly subject to built-to-order manufacturing. At present, we are accepting orders for the complete unit of “Reproduced 12-hp KOBAS” in original-size for request of one unit only per year, together with complete sets of miniature model engines and DIY kits.

Miniature model engines manufactured and sold by us are made of massive cast metal so that entire satisfaction may be ensured for those avid for real things.

Our manufacturing is processed by some professionals as follow.

Talented designers
Wood pattern craftsmen displaying miracle of skills
Casters doing dexterous metal casting from wood patterns
Skilled workers of mold manufaturers who machine the cast materials using state-of-the-art equipment
Technicians who assemble parts to build into finished goods

They are challenging to perform the best of their craftsmanship over small-scale casting, dexterous machining of tiny castings, and exquisite assembling of small parts.

Sequence of manufacturing process is almost the same as that of the full-size engine.

We will ever provide the model engines assuring superb quality to respond to the high-level hobby intended for grown-ups’ play and study.

Full size 12-HP "KOBAS New Model"Outline of Specifications   Full size 12-HP "KOBAS New Model"Outline of Specifications
Miniature Version "KOBAS New Model" Outline of Specifications   Miniature Version "KOBAS New Model" Outline of Specifications

* Click each of the pictures to see the detailed descriptions.
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